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What better way to pay tribute to your Dad than with your purchase of a Day Sponsorship!

Show support for your listener-supported radio station while acknowledging a special day for a friend, a colleague or a loved one with a DAY SPONSORSHIP. Day sponsor messages are intended to honor an individual, and may be purchased by another individual, non- profit or business. Sponsored messages will air 4 times on the scheduled day with a bonus airing. The sponsorship package costs $150 and includes 4 messages and an mp3 audio file emailed to you for approval.

Day Sponsorship Form

Sample Day Sponsorship messages:
"Today’s programming is sponsored in part by Smith & Smith, LLC, acknowledging founder James Smith, on his 90th birthday."
"Today’s programming is sponsored in part by XYZ Company, recognizing Mike Jones, for 50 years of devoted service."
"Today’s programming is sponsored in part by John Smith in loving memory of his mother, Mary, whose love of Simply Beautiful music filled her days with joy."
"Today’s programming is sponsored in part by Alice Smith, wishing a happy 25th wedding anniversary to John, her husband, companion, best friend and confidant."

Recent News

KNCT TV will cease broadcasts

KNCT TV will cease broadcasts at midnight August 31, 2018. Here are someKNCT TV computer monitors suggestions to find PBS programming when KNCT leaves the air.

If you are a cable subscriber: Contact your cable provider for information concerning which PBS station will be carried by the company.

If you are a satellite TV subscriber: Both satellite providers carry KAMU the PBS affiliate operating from Texas A&M University.

If you are an antenna user: The nearest PBS affiliates are KERA Dallas, KLRU Austin and KAMU from Bryan/College Station. Use this web link to find the best strongest station for your location. There is also a useful antenna guide that will help you find the best antenna for your home.

If you use on line or streaming services: Use this link for information on receiving PBS programming on line.

KNCT-FM will continue radio broadcasts at 91.3 MHz. If you have a digital radio tuner our second channel 91.3 HD2 provides 24 hour classical music.

If you are member of KNCT television and wish to change your membership contribution to support KNCT-FM, please contact the KNCT-FM Membership Department at 254 526-1176 or pledge on line at

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